When I first got ahold of a Wacom drawing tablet my options became endless, the doodles I had once scribbled on my notes were now a means of expression through graphic art. Through developing a distinct style on my social platforms I was able to attract others that wanted to work with me, and develop a freelancing client base.

My Role

  • Illustration

  • Visual Design

  • Hand Drawing

Software + Skills

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Client Communication

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I began collaborating with brands and influencers on social media, helping them create unique content for their social feeds. The process in which I went about communicating with clients varied from person to person, they would reach out to me via email or Instagram direct message and explain what they were looking for. Clients would provide the image which allowed me to work with anyone around the globe.


  • Receive client image

  • Asses the image for a design that will complement the photos composition

  • For this particular example I made a 30 degree angle and created an illustration within it

  • I multiplied the 30 degrees until I had completed the mandala design

  • The vector is then placed on top of the image and customized to fit around the main subject

I have multiple processes to achieve different looks with the mandala designs from the one listed above to free drawing on the image. Each approach helps me achieve a different look that I see fit for the individual client.




Below are some of the highlights of my collaborative endeavors.



Marketing tools:

I used my own personal Instagram page as a marketing tool to attract and gain clients. Through the distinct style I developed I began to notice a trend in the individuals and brands I began to work with. A large portion fell under the “influencer” category of fashion and beauty bloggers on instagram and the second tended to be small clothing and swimsuit brands trying to gain attention through social media. Below I have included some work featured on the account I used to connect and communicate with clients with.



My PRocess

For my personal digital art the majority of my inspiration comes to me from nature and the places I have traveled. Although there are some exceptions, the image usually comes first before the drawing. The photos, if they struck the right chord with me, became the canvas for a potential design. All of my illustrations are either hand drawn by me on paper and then scanned and image traced onto the photo, or illustrated on my Wacom tablet directly onto the image. Each piece I create has there own unique story and process behind it. For this specific example I walk through the steps in the creation of my two part piece “One with Nature.”


  • For this piece I began with hand drawing on paper, I struck inspiration after a long hike and wanted to display the hand in hand relationship we all share with nature.

  • As my roommate pondered my drawing she accidentally held the first portion upside down, she questioned me as to what it was. In that moment I realized the waterfall upside down resembled the intricacies of tree bark hosting a colony of mushrooms, which in turn inspired the second portion of the series.

  • After my sketches were completed I scanned the drawings and imported them into Illustrator to image trace.

  • I chose two images I took from my travels to Agistri, Greece to play host to the two illustrations. Agistri, a raw and untouched island of Greece took my breath away, for the intense connection its inhibitors had with the nature around them was the relationship that had initially inspired the drawings.

  • I edited the images in Adobe Lightroom and placed the vectors on top of the images to complete the two part series